TENDANSE born with the aim of offering a total service starting from professional dancers up to simple amateurs. Trying not to overlook and neglect the ever-increasing needs of the market. Our stores today offer the most complete and supplied range of products in Italy.

Important thing, our advice. Our managers are able to explain and recommend the best compatible with your needs, both in terms of clothing and costume as well as for shoes and accessories.

It is something "sacred" for us to offer a meticulous and conscious "fitting" advice on the choice of pointe shoes: in fact, our main objective will be to combine aesthetics and functionality, trying to protect the bone structure of the different types of feet. choosing from over 100 AVAILABLE VARIANTS.

Our spacious warehouses, always stocked with all that is proposed, allow us to offer a prompt delivery service on 85% of the orders that we receive. Moreover, thanks to our strong production capacity, we can satisfy "special" orders in a short time.

You will find with us: Grishko, Bloch, Sansha, Freed of London, Capezio, So Danca, Porselli, Gaynor Mynden, Repetto, Gamba, Volver, Portdance, Gamba, KH Martin, Bunheads, Tyrrel Katz, Russ, Ligance, Beba Line, etc..